Only Sweatlodges and Breathwork for now

Due to recent developments on law enforcement around Ayahuasca, we’ve (temporarily?) removed our ceremonies with this teacher plant from the agenda. You’re still very welcome for our Sweatlodges or a breathing session (email for more info)

First Dancing the Divine Retreat

I am still in awe of the magic that can happen when you bring a circle of women together. This weekend Eleonora and I gave our first ‘Dancing the Divine’ retreat, a beautiful weekend with trancedance and Ayahuasca. Within the safety and sacredness of the women’s circle, deep healing could take place. As one of the sisters described it: “it felt like being in the womb again.” read more

Everything has its own time, and every activity it’s own season.

I was reminded of this simple yet profound wisdom once again this past weekend, in a circle of beautiful sisters. I shared with them the struggle we’ve been having with our website, that has been ‘floating in the air’ on a temporary URL for more than 6 months. For some reason we could not bring ourselves to finish it and put it on line. read more

Back from Holiday

We have just returned from a two week holiday in Italy, where we absorbed lots of sunlight and positive energy. Completely energized, we are excited to bring this energy along into the beautiful events and retreats that are coming up. read more

Happy New Year

The new year has started beautifully with another men-gathering. A small group of experienced travellers enjoyed a weekend of sharings, breathwork, a walk in the forest and night with the divine mother plant. read more