Happy New Year

The new year has started beautifully with another men-gathering. A small group of experienced travellers enjoyed a weekend of sharings, breathwork, a walk in the forest and night with the divine mother plant.

The weekend revealed for me a big feeling of gratitude. To arrive at a moment in my life where I’m suddenly doing the work I’ve dreamed of years ago, doing this with the love of my life in a beautiful place, and being successful in it as well.

In the last weekend before Christmas we’ve had our Embody your Soul retreat. The group was full with 6 persons and the experiences of everyone of us (including us facilitators) where magnificent. So happy with the creative synergy we’re having with José. The week after we’ve also facilitated a very nice individual ceremony. So, more to come!

Another Embody your Soul retreat will be held in the weekend of the 10th of March, the event will be announced on Facebook soon, but you can contact us in advance to reserve your spot. And there’s something special for the women too. In the start of February (10-11) and March (3-4) you can ‘Dance the Divine’ with Cora and Eleonora. There are still places available so if you feel a Yes, don’t hesitate and claim your spot.

I wish everyone a magical, bountiful and peaceful 2018!