The Divine Dream is born from the belief that our true nature is Free like in the famous quote above, and from our heart’s desire to create a safe and loving environment where growth, healing and transformation can take place. Our retreats are the result of over 10 years of conscious Self investigation, in which Ayahuasca has played an important role. In our retreats we combine this powerful Medicine with several methods of Bodywork and the beautiful Inipi (sweat lodge) Ceremony. What we offer you is the perfect combination of intense process work and intense enjoyment and fun. All with the intention to help you remember who you truly are.

Set your Self Free,
and be welcome at the Divine Dream.


Ayahuasca gives you a glimpse of your True Self, and with this the opportunity to look at yourself and the problems you are facing in daily life from a higher perspective.


Let yourself be carried by mother nature inside the Inipi or sweat lodge, an ancient and sacred ceremony of the native Americans.


What all our retreats have in common, is our focus on creating a safe and loving environment, where growth, healing and transformation can take place, without fear of judgment or criticism.


Only Sweatlodges and Breathwork for now

Due to recent developments on law enforcement around Ayahuasca, we’ve (temporarily?) removed our ceremonies with this teacher plant from the agenda. You’re still very welcome for our Sweatlodges or a breathing session (email for more info)

First Dancing the Divine Retreat

I am still in awe of the magic that can happen when you bring a circle of women together. This weekend Eleonora and I gave our first ‘Dancing the Divine’ retreat, a beautiful weekend with trancedance and Ayahuasca. Within the safety and sacredness of the women’s circle, deep healing could take place. As one of the sisters described it: “it felt like being in the womb again.” read more

Everything has its own time, and every activity it’s own season.

I was reminded of this simple yet profound wisdom once again this past weekend, in a circle of beautiful sisters. I shared with them the struggle we’ve been having with our website, that has been ‘floating in the air’ on a temporary URL for more than 6 months. For some reason we could not bring ourselves to finish it and put it on line. read more


Thank you Eelke and Cora for holding such a safe and beautiful space so that the Mother plant could do her work. I feel healed. I feel new. I will never forget this weekend passed.

Dermot, N. Ireland

Cora and Eelke, I feel so touched by your amazing gift to hold space for ceremony, your place is like a warm bath of Love that makes deep healing possible. Together with the work and support from José it has been superdeep healing for me.

Monique, the Netherlands

Het was een heerlijke week met afwisseling van heerlijke ontspanning, fijne yoga, uitdagende workshops en heerlijk eten met een leuke groep mensen! De begeleiding was heel goed en voor iedereen was er genoeg persoonlijke aandacht. Voor wie meer wil leven en bereid is om uit zijn comfort zone te stappen is deze week echt een aanrader!

Nica, the Netherlands

Een retraite van Cora en Eelke is een week voor jezelf waar jezelf zijn voorop staat. Bevrijding en vrijheid zijn thema's die als een rode draad door de week heen lopen. De afwisseling van lichaamswerk, stemwerk, wandelen en vrije tijd is mooi in balans en geeft de gelegenheid om stil te staan bij alles wat verschijnt aan inzichten en ervaringen. Cora en Eelke geven het beste van zichzelf en laten zien dat ze doen wat ze het liefste doen en geven zo hun talent aan de wereld.
Ondersteund door mensen die de innerlijke mens fantastisch verzorgen is deze retraite een geschenk aan jezelf.

Eric, the Netherlands

Heerlijke week gehad. Opgeladen met energie van de yoga, meditatie en workshops. Maar ook het eten is goed verzorgd! Eelke en Cora geven deze week echt aan en voor jou, pracht kado voor jezelf. Genieten op deze mooie plek in Toscane!


A wonderful experience. Cora and Eelke know how to create an atmosphere of safety, confidence, in which magical things can happen. The daily yoga and meditation forms a solid base. The various workshops give the opportunity to go deep into oneself and find new revelations. Thank you for your gentle and careful guidance throughout the week.

Marcel, the Netherlands

The Chakra retreat with Cora and Eelke was a great journey into my body, into that W I D E, calm space within myself. Not only was it a highly professional work in wich l felt Safe and sicure at all times, but The Fun and fisical relaxation l experienced all put together l don't find words to describe!! The beautifully prepared "room" in Tuscanys nature helped to make of this retreat an unforgetible experience.
I highly recomend it to anybody interested to dive into the infinit universe of Self !

Sabina, Italy


My first encounter with Ayahuasca, and the many that followed, have always felt like coming home to something I have known all along. It is as if the medicine had always been inside of me, waiting until I heard her call. Perhaps this description sounds less strange when I say that what Ayahuasca did was to bring me into contact with my Self again. Not the little individual self that I had learned to identify myself with, but the Higher Self that I like to call my soul: the Self that is one with the source. Read more