First Dancing the Divine Retreat

I am still in awe of the magic that can happen when you bring a circle of women together. This weekend Eleonora and I gave our first ‘Dancing the Divine’ retreat, a beautiful weekend with trancedance and Ayahuasca. Within the safety and sacredness of the women’s circle, deep healing could take place. As one of the sisters described it: “it felt like being in the womb again.”It taught me once again that when we are capable of embracing our fears and surrender to love, we can do things we ourselves did not believe we were capable of. Thank God for the bond of sisterhood!

Do you want to experience the power of healing, ceremony, magic and sisterhood too? Then you are welcome at our next Dancing the Divine retreat, taking place in the weekend of March 3-4. In the safe space that we will create together, all of our most vulnerable and sacred pieces can be witnessed and honored. It is then that we can learn to honor ourselves as whole integrated empowered women.

Don’t miss this beautiful weekend, especially since there will be a few months gap before the next retreat (because of the beautiful little baby growing inside my belly 🙂